2017 Week 4 NFL Fantasy Picks and Lineups

2017 NFL Week 4 FanDuel and DraftKings Fantasy Football Picks

FanDuel and DraftKings Week 1 PicksNFL Week 4 Doesn't have that one game that everyone will want to key in on for fantasy points. There are a couple of games that have an Over/Under around 50 but none that scream out at you.

For your DraftKings and FanDuel picks this week you will have to decide which of the NFL games have the most opportunity to be an unexpected high scoring affair. New England and Carolina have that chance if Cam Newton can finally figure out how to throw a football again, as does the Steelers/Ravens game if Joe Flacco can remember how to throw too.

Free Week 4 Fantasy Football ContestDraftKings also has a $100,000 Free Fantasy Football Contest for NFL Week 4 so our DraftKings picks for this week can be used to create a lineup there too. Remember, this is a FREE Contest open to everyone!




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FanDuel Fantasy Picks for the Sunday Million

QB – Quarterback Picks

Carson Wentz $7,600 – Wentz had a down week last week but previously had back to back 300 yard games in week 1 and 2. I like the Eagles to get back to throwing the ball and the Chargers are a good team to do that against.

Trevor Siemian $7,500 – If the Broncos are going to beat the Raiders, Siemian can't have another 0 TD game. I like Siemian to rebound this week and I am stacking him with Sanders (see below) to create my cash winning FanDuel lineup.

RB – Running Back Picks

Le'Veon Bell $8,600 - He's the most expensive running back at FanDuel this week but I wonder if after last week's loss, the Steelers may just put the ball in the hands of their best weapon early and often and make Le'Veon Bell beat the Ravens this week.

Chris Carson $6,600 – If you trust that the Seahawks will be using Carson as their number one back then he's a great FanDuel pick this week facing a Colts team that will be pounded on by Seattle's defense. At a low lost, Carson should be a good return on value.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

Emmanuel Sanders $6,900 – It's a coin toss between Sanders and Demaryius Thomas as to who will get the ball more but Sanders is due for a big time TD play this year. Facing the Raiders in what could be a high scoring game...Sanders is worth a play at this price.

Alshon Jeffery $7,100 – In taking Jefferey in a bunch of my FanDuel Sundal Million lineups, I am gambling that this is the week that the free agent signing finally gets showcased in Philly. He has had a bunch of targets and played well...maybe it's time for a big breakout!

TE – Tight End Picks

Kyle Rudolph $5,300 – Kyle Rudolph hasn't been looked at in the Vikings offense much yet because others have stepped up their game. He is a bit forgotten and so at a low price tag he may be worth a pick this week to see if he finally breaks out. He won't get you a lot of points but given this week none of the tight ends really scream out...maybe be contrarian and pick him knowing he'll have a low ownership.


Cincinnati Bengals $4,600 – As inept as the Bengals offense has looked at times this early NFL season, their defense has been pretty good and played pretty well against the Green Bay Packers. Cleveland is no Green Bay so I like the Bengals D to keep them down in this divisional matchup.

FanDuel has dropped their Sunday Million Contest down to $2 Million for NFL Week 4 but that’s not chump change for a small $7 investment. Get in on the action!

DraftKings Fantasy Football Picks for Fantasy Football Millionaire

QB – Quarterback Picks

Ben Roethlisberger $6,200 – The Steelers are probably angry about losing last week to the Bears and this week they get to face a Ravens team that is travelling back from London's disaster game. I like the low price on Big Ben to give me a bunch of fantasy points.

Andy Dalton $5,800 – We used Dalton in a bunch of lineups last week paired with AJ Green. Although Green's numbers were fabulous, Dalton's were just OK. He was a cheap price at DraftKings so we got value back and this week he faces a bad Browns team. The Bengals offense may be getting better so ride the wave.

RB – Running Back Picks

Leonard Fournette $6,700 – The rookie gets to face the Jets this week and I expect the Jags to simply try to ground and pound the whole game. Caution, the Jags are returning form London so there is a concern of them being overworked but they are riding a high with their win so it should be fine.

Dalvin Cook $6,500 – The rookie has been a fantasy football stud so far and this week will get a chance to work his magic against the Lions. Cook is a threat to run and get the PPR points receiving so he's worth it at a low price tag.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

A.J. Green $8,600 – Not a cheap price this week but he was so good last week and facing the Browns this week it may be worth a gamble to see if the new offensive coordinator for Cincy feels like using Green even more!

Rishard Matthews – $4,900 – At $4,900 he's just too low a price if you are looking for that 3rd WR for your Fantasy Football Millionaire Contest pick. He is in a zone with Mariota and the number 1 option right now.

TE – Tight End Picks

Rob Gronkowski $6,600 – When in doubt - just pick Gronk! I don't love a lot of tight ends this week and at least with Gronk I know I have a good shot at fantasy points with a low price tag.


Atlanta Falcons $3,200 – Facing the Bills this week should give the Falcons offense a few fits but their defense should have little issues. The $3,200 salary cap price is middle of the road so it's worth the pick up at DraftKings.