2016 Week 13 NFL Fantasy Picks and Lineups

2017 NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Picks

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It’s like a gift from the Fantasy Football Gods that Drew Brees is playing again at home this week against a team in the Lions that could actually put up a fight. In case you haven’t figured out the pattern yet – Drew Brees at home = GOOD! The Saints will just be chucking all day Sunday and Matt Stafford may actually be able to keep up given that the Saints defense isn’t very good.

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FanDuel and DraftKings Fantasy Picks for this Week

QB – Quarterback Picks

Drew Brees - DK $7,600 - FD $9,300 – Remember - Drew Brees at home = GOOD! It’s that simple.

Matthew Stafford - DK - $7,000 - FD $8,300 – A lot of people will be on Brees this week so why not take a flyer on Stafford at a slightly lower price. The Saints have a weak defense and Stafford will have to also air it out to stay in the game.

Colin Kaepernick – DK $6,100 - FD $7,800 – I still don’t think Kaepernick is a good QB but he did score the most fantasy points in week 12 and faces a decimated Chicago Bears team. Kaepernick is playing for a future spot so I expect him to be a bit selfish again and try to be the show on Sunday. He is a low cost at both sites so take advantage.

RB – Running Back Picks

David Johnson - DK $9,500 - FD $9,200 - He is probably the best back in the NFL and it’s a bit of a coin toss between Johnson and Bell if you are going to pay up for a RB...but I am going with Johnson.

Theo Riddick - DK - $5,800 - FD $6,500 – For the Lions to slow down Drew Brees they will want to run the ball…very doable vs. the Saints. If you want a lower cost RB for your lineup, take a shot with Riddick.

Carlos Hyde - DK $5,300 - FD $6,700 – I don’t expect the Bears to put up much of a fight and although Kaepernick will probably run a lot himself Hyde will be looked at to control the clock too. Hyde isn’t a high value play but he is a low cost option that should get enough touches to make him a decent fantasy pick at DraftKings.

WR – Wide Receiver Picks

Mike Evans - DK $8,600 - FD $8,500 – I said last week that in a battle of Evans vs. Sherman – Evans would win…I was right! This week the Chargers don’t really have 1 person to shadow Evans that is that any good so Evans could have a field day on Sunday.

Odell Beckham Jr. - DK $8,500 - FD $9,000 – Giants/Steelers could be another high scoring affair and Beckham Jr. gets a favorable matchup. This time of year means paying attention to the weather but if it’s going to be a nice day, don’t be shy in firing up OBJ

Michael Thomas - DK $6,900 - FD $6,900 – Thomas has proven to be a favorite target of Drew Brees so why not stack him together. If you want to be contrarian pick Brandin Cooks (DK $6,400 - FD $6,800) who used to be a favorite of Drew Brees and could be looked at more this week to keep him happy. Cooks is a higher risk than Thomas but is slightly lower in cost at FanDuel.

TE – Tight End Picks

Jimmy Graham - DK $5,500 - FD $6,400 – With Gronk hurt and Reed hurt Graham may be the best healthiest tight end on Sunday. Graham and Wilson have been connecting well lately and he's a lower cost safe pick than the two injury question marks.

Coby Fleener - DK $3,500 - FD $5,500 – A low cost/high risk pick that could pay off big! The Lions are bad against tight ends and in watching the Thanksgiving Day games I saw that the Lions just give up easy dump passes. I expect the wideouts to get their points but I could see Fleener being used to march them down the field and get a bunch of PPR points.


L.A. Rams - DK $2,200 - FD $4,300 – Aside from the beating they got on the road from the Saints, the Rams defense has been pretty solid. They face a Patriots team that is sputtering a bit and could be resting Gronk a bit to get him healthy for the playoff run. If you don’t want to pay extra for a defense, the Rams are worth a shot at a low cost.

Baltimore Ravens - DK $3,000 - FD $4,600 – In what could be the ugliest game of the day the Ravens face the Dolphins. Unless you are a fan of either team I’m not sure why anyone would even watch this game. It is also one of the lowest O/U games on the board so why not take the home team and hope for a 3 – 0 score.

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